Atta Galata on Wheels : A fundraiser event for Bangalore Poetry Festival

Atta Galata on Wheels was a fundraising event for Bangalore Poetry Festival and Cloop is proud to be the digital partner of this event. It started with people’s participation in various events at Atta Galata on Wheels and who shared their views and experiences on our platform.

We managed to grab about 70 odd people who were happy to share their participation stories on our platform. About 100 photos were posted and it was very simple as all they had to do is just participate in the event through a simple web link and post photos and videos related to the Atta Galata on Wheels event.

Here are some images which they have shared:


People shared their experience basically on how they enjoyed the Atta Galata on Wheels event and what various sorts of activities they could participate and showcase their talent. People of different age group came along and enjoyed a lot, from kids to teenagers to senior citizens.

Here are the popular Cloops of the whole event:

Activity glimpse of events

People enjoying the event

About the Event

In this event, there were many interesting and funny activities conducted. There were various kinds of stalls from cat adoption to candle making. There were also food stalls which grabbed the attention of people. Other activities like painting competition and the most engaging activity were the open mic. People could sing their favourite songs or play musical instruments. It was exciting and everyone was happy to take part. There were dance workshops, poetry writing workshops. Poetry reading competition was also held and many kids enjoyed and took part in it.

Many brands also came and set up their stalls. They displayed their products and they were also happy to use this platform as they could get huge publicity in front of such a wide audience. They found Cloop to be really interesting as their marketing tool as through this they could reach out to so many people. Plus they could share this in all the social media sites.

Here are the images shared on Cloop in this event:






People shared their experience

This platform is most helpful for those who want to do branding of their products as well as individuals who want to showcase their talent.

“Cloop is best to use as a video marketing platform as you can upload the photos and videos easily and make it in a memorable movie and share it through other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram,” said Rameet Kaur

It’s very easy to access as you just have to install the app on your Android or iOS store and register yourself with name and number and get started. If you want to create your own event then it’s the best way to create an online event and get the most no. of engagements from the external audience. You can invite people to participate in the event from different places and ask them to post photos or videos.

Cloop is privileged to be a part of Atta Galata on Wheels as their digital partner and looking forward to being a part of more fun-filled events like this in near future.      

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