How can Video Marketing help Influencers to make it big in 2018? Let’s have a look.

They say photos are worth a thousand words, then imagine how valuable a video can be. Video marketing in a more simpler form is nothing but creating videos to promote/market a brand, product or a service. Now Blogs are turning to Vlogs (Video Blogs). To get the most out of videos, applying effective marketing strategies is the key. Incorporating customer testimonials, live video, a how-to video is all part of video marketing.

It is a simple concept, but when it comes to actually creating a successful video there are various things that need to be kept in mind. Allocating resources like budget, filming equipment, editing software are all crucial. Engaging the right kind of audience through your video is another key factor if the audience can’t relate to the video the entire effort you put into the video goes down the drain. Promoting your video to the right kind of platforms to reach your target audience is the key. A video is all about metrics, you can see how many times it’s been viewed, shared, liked etc and you can also see how the numbers change when you apply efficient marketing strategies.


Benefits of video marketing

Video marketing helps brands connect with their audiences. Most of the marketing strategies that brands apply are to build trust with their consumers, by showing them what the brand is all about and why the consumers can relate to them. A video is another great way to share information about a product, like a demo video on how to use a product. You can always write how-to use a product but it’s definitely more engaging to watch a video than to read. It doesn’t just give you an intangible benefit but it can also aid in financial benefits as well. Statistics have shown that brands that use video marketing drives up the sales than brands that don’t.


Who are influencers?

Influencers are people that can influence a change in the minds of the people that follow them. Celebrities, Bloggers, YouTubers are all in a way influencing people around the world. The field of influencers is varied from fashion to beauty to travel to technology etc. Being a blogger or a YouTuber has become a trend and hence is becoming a popular profession. Doing the right kind of marketing can help bloggers/YouTubers/Instagrammers become successful influencers. Some of the Indian influencers to take inspiration from are Shruti Anand, Santoshi Shetty, Shreya Jain, Bhuvan Bam, Ranjit Kumar etc. Even celebrities are an influencer for popular brands.


How video help influencers?

Nowadays almost all influencers are turning to video content to reach out to their viewers and YouTube is the best platform to do so. It is the 2nd biggest search engine right after Google and YouTube is owned by Google that gives influencers double the exposure. Bloggers use SEO tactics to increase their visibility on search engines and hence garnering more audience.

Big companies use the expertise of successful influencers with a huge following to promote their products. Brands not only use influencers to promote their products but they also create a video on how to use their product. Ever since the rise of influencers, brands are taking advantage by incorporating them into their ad campaigns and promoting these videos on their social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Lakme’s’ latest ad campaign called Nudes Reinvented features multiple influencers of different skin tone to show diversity among Indians. This campaign included influencers like Santoshi Shetty (TheStyleEdge), Aanam C (WhatWhenWear), DebasreeBanerjee etc. On the other hand,  e-commerce websites like Nykaa partner up with influencers to create How-to videos and quick DIY videos to post on their various social media platforms. These are only a few examples of how a brand/company use successful or upcoming influencers to target new audiences.

Increases brand awareness

An influencer in themselves are a brand wherein they are a face for fashion, lifestyle, makeup, technology etc. You can share what and who you are and let your followers know what to expect from you. Bloggers like Santoshi Shetty know what her followers love to read and watch about, so her speciality is fashion and travel videos. Shreya Jain, on the other hand, knows her audience loves makeup tutorial and skin care video. To increase your exposure you need to understand what branding defines you, is it fashion, travel, technology etc. Once you know who and what you are, you can pool in the type of audience that relates to your brand.

Increases online presence

With the boom of social media, influencers get 10 times more attention than ever before. The statistic shows that about 100 million hours of videos are viewed daily on Facebook. While YouTube brings in more than 10 billion views per day. That shows that with the right kind of videos, influencers can maximise their followers. Knowing where your potential customers help you to understand what platform you need to be more active on and where to engage with them.

Differentiates you from others

Video helps your followers to understand your personality, and personality is a big driving factor in helping you stand out from the rest of your competition. Video helps your followers to relate to you and more you engage your followers the more they will trust you. A video is the best way to showcase your personality and it takes precedence over writing, photos anytime. It also helps in building trust where what you say will matter to your followers and you can influence their buying habits.

Video marketing on Cloop

It is very easily done on cloop. Influencers can use cloop as a platform to post contest or giveaways and the follower with the most engaging post can win. All you have to do is post an event through Cloop and share the specific link which can be accessed by your followers. Users need to key in their name and number they can start posting pictures and videos of the event. Once the contest/event is completed, the best post that garnered most engagement can win. It’s way more organised and easy to measure and it saves a lot of time.

Cloop app is the best platform to not only increase your online presence but also make your followers your biggest promoters.You can feature any of your followers’ post or you can also feature your followers in a cloop video. The cloop video can be shared easily with your and their social media pages. That way you reach a wider audience. The more your followers engage by sharing it on their social media the more the chances for you to build your follower base.


So go ahead participate in fun Cloop contests, engage your followers in contests under categories of Food, Fashion, Travel and Masti. Watch them post photos and videos & create awesome viral videos for you. They win loads of prizes & share on the social network to make you as an influencer, a popular figure!


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