Celebrate birthdays in unique style. Now enjoy your own virtual party.

Birthday is a special celebration event in your life. You would definitely want to store memories of these moments. This is made possible through photography and video recording that keeps all the memories alive and vivid even when you browse through them some years down the lane. Photography plays a significant role in almost every event and occasion in an individual’s life and makes the situation even more special and magnificent.

Birthday wishes and presents make us feel good

Birthdays are special not just because of the gifts and presents you receive from your friends, family members or loved ones. It is more special as you receive blessings and good wishes from your dear ones. Posting of greeting cards and gifts was a very common practice a few years back. Calling over the phone and texting is also a common practice that still prevails in the age of social media platforms. Making the person feel really special on that day is the ultimate goal.

Busy lifestyle bars us from attending all occasions

Getting together, hosting a family dinner or going out with friends and family are practiced as well. Occasions like birthdays actually give us the opportunity to meet family and friends in the midst of our busy and hectic schedule. But, things have changed today. As we are busy due to our work and college, we are often spread across the world. So getting together or calling at the same time and surprising the birthday girl or boy is not always possible.

Have you used Cloop?

If you wish to make anyone’s birthday super special and celebrate in a unique manner, you can seek the help of the new app Cloop. You must be concerned about what Cloop is all about. Do you wish to share the best moments with your friends and family in the most beautiful way? Cloop app is the best way to do it. You can have more fun while posting photos and videos as you can create wistful memories.

Cloop transforms your birthday into an extraordinary event

You can easily compose an amazing collage of photos and videos of your memorable moments of that special day. All you need to do is create an event – invite your friends, family members or colleagues. Each of us posts videos and photos – anyone across the globe can post in the event. You can also share the link to the event on other social media platforms. Add suitable background music that makes the video fun & memorable. To gift a wonderful collection of memories, just Cloop all the videos and photos and turn it into a memorable movie.

Basically, Cloop can turn an ordinary birthday event extraordinary for the person.

In case, you haven’t yet tried Cloop for a birthday celebration, go ahead download the app. See the smile it brings on the person’s face. Just Cloop it and make memories come alive!

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