Keep Calm and Cloopit. Cloop Carnival 2.0 is finally here – The biggest contest festival

After the success of our first Cloop Carnival, we are proud and excited to launch Cloop Carnival 2.0. It’s bigger and better. This time around we are curating exciting contests and even better prizes.

As some of you know we run contests across different categories of Food, Fashion, Travel etc. You can participate in any contest of your choice and you can win amazing vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Paytm cash and other gift hampers as well.  Everybody gets to be a winner, some of your posts may even get featured on our channel, so don’t lose hope if you don’t win a contest. But do remember to put up your best post.

You also stand to win Rs. 200 Paytm cash every week. Invite your friends on Cloop app or web to the easy contests we have posted. All you have to do is invite them through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email. Or simply copy the event link & paste it on another communication platform. Also, remember to share the event link once you participate in any contest. The more you post and share the event link with your friends, the higher the chances of winning. It’s a fun way to connect and be recognized. Get featured, get viral, be famous with us.

In the generation of Instagram, Snapchat, etc. where you post amazing pictures but get no rewards whatsoever, Cloop is here to make posting pictures and videos so much more fun with rewards.

So get ready for the most amazing virtual carnival !! Cloop Carnival 2.0!

Cloop Carnival 2.0 will be a host to various cool contests in the coming months. Let us give you guys a rundown of what to expect in different categories.


We all have our very own unique style when it comes to fashion and hence we want you to post your best style in our various contests related to fashion. So post your trendsetting pics/videos. But don’t forget that it’s a contest and a competition so only the best wins. Put up your finest post & watch yourself hold an edge over others. You stand to win Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones etc. vouchers. Here are some of the contests under fashion. Go ahead start posting.


The world is your oyster and you can go wherever your heart desires. So let Cloop be a part of your travel adventures by posting the best collection of your pictures and videos on various travel contests. Every travel trip would have a host of images that you capture. Pick the best photos & post it in relevant travel contest. The most picturesque posts win vouchers of Yatra, Fastrack, Flipkart, etc!

Check out some of the contest under travel.


Good food and good company have never disappointed anyone. Bonding over good food will always be a magical experience. So we want you to have a platform where you can share your love for food through our various contests. Your delicious looking food clicks can earn you Paytm cash, KFC, Baskin Robbins, prestige gift vouchers. So post your best food pics/videos in the contests below.


During any festival, parties or get-together we all love going crazy and having a lot of masti. Using Cloop you can share your fun with everyone else as well. Post your best shots and win prizes. And you can have even more fun as the best posts win amazing gift vouchers like Book My Show, Fastrack, Flipkart, Amazon etc. Check out some of the contests below. Go ahead & post those perfect fun shots.

That’s not all, there are even more contests. Just go to this link to view more.

So let’s all make this edition of Cloop Carnival 2.0 again a huge success. Post your best pictures & videos into various contests and win amazing prizes. The best posts surely get rewarded. And if your in that league you won’t be disappointed.


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