Cloop : India’s biggest photo and video contest platform to win prizes

Cloop the all-new photo and video contests platform. Participate in a host of contests in the category of Food, Fashion, Travel and more. Post your fun photos and videos in various events and win loads of exciting prizes.

If you are enjoying an adventurous trip with your friends, or you are munching on your fav food at a restaurant. Or while shopping with friends for a college party, we always take pictures or videos and capture those precious moments. How about posting those photos and videos in exciting contests and winning amazing prizes? This is only possible with Cloop.

Post pictures and videos in Cloop contests and get featured. Keep a track on our social media pages to take part in various contests so you can earn fame.

Check out our categories where you can be associated with Cloop:

  1. Food
  2. Fashion
  3. Travel
  4. Masti
  5. Activism

For all food lovers, post photos & win goodies :

There is a category for all foodies where you can win prizes plus earn fame. Under our food contest category, there are lots of exciting contests where all you need to do is post photos or videos and you can win loads of goodies. Here are some of the contests –

Check out the other Food Contests as well.


Bring out the Fashionista in you…

We all love to follow the latest trends, especially when it is related to fashion. We always try to copy the celebrity looks and end up buying lots of trendy items. Now here’s a chance to be a fashion diva with Cloop & win prizes. You just have to post photos on the following Fashion contests & you can win lots of prizes –

Check out more Fashion Contests. Participate and win exciting prizes.


Share your travelogue…

Being a traveller we always capture the best travel moments of the places we explore. Now with Cloop you can win & earn fame by sharing your travel adventures.

Here’s your chance to win loads of goodies. Check out the other Travel Contests, post and win.

We all know that laughter is the best medicine, we never stop being funny or witty. There’s still a child in all of us…

We all have a child inside us which urges us to be witty, mischievous & funny. Don’t stop yourselves from doing Masti. Here are some contests for you where your funny bones can lead you to be famous & also win prizes – Masti Contests.

Some fun Masti contests for you.

Activism is all about changing for better…

Let’s join hands together and pledge to keep our country green and clean. If you are an activist and want to do something for your country then don’t hesitate to join in with Cloop. Share with us the problems you are facing in your locality, be it proper water supply or electricity cut down or traffic-related issues.

Create an event about the problems faced by you in your Constituency or your expectations from the Government and share with us. Capture a video of 20 secs. We want citizens to share the problems faced by them and we will let the government know about it and try to get it resolved.

Check out more on Activism category. Join in with us. Be the change you want to see.

Post and win prizes

So here’s your one-stop platform for fun, fame & prizes. Participate in various Cloop contests, post pictures or videos & win loads of goodies. Invite your friends and you can increase your chances of winning.

Don’t miss the chance of getting fame and winning lots of prizes. Join in & let’s begin the fun. Here’s how you can take part in various contests with minimum efforts :

  • Download the Cloop App
  • Register with your name & number
  • Go to “Show Contests”
  • Click on any event & post your entries
  • Share event link in your friend circle by clicking on Invite Friends
  • Win Exciting Prizes
  • Click on “live contests”
  • Choose your desired channel like Food, Fashion, Travel, or Masti
  • Click on “Participate Now” in any event
  • Click on “Post your photo/video” & upload your entries.
  • Share the link in your friend circle to increase your chances of winning.



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