Cloop’s Association with College festivals

You might have seen Cloop as a contest platform conducting numerous contests across Food, Fashion, Travel and more. Apart from that, we are associated with various colleges for their cultural and sports festivals. College fests require a lot of promotion on social media to attract huge footfall. Cloop assists colleges to promote their fest through student’s social media network.

The visibility of college fests increases in the following way:

  • We create a unique link for a particular college fest
  • The fest co-ordinators disperse the link through social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email
  • Students and attendees post pics/videos of the fest on the unique link
  • The best clicks by various students get featured
  • Create videos collages (cloops) for every event as well as for the entire cultural fest
  • Students share the video collages on their social profiles
  • Watch your festival go viral through the student’s network

The best posts of an event get featured on the platform. The featured posts drive users to share the link on their social media pages. So as creating virality for the fest. Here’s a glimpse of a featured post in IMT Nagpur’s Fest Milestone 35 :

Milestone 35 - College Fests

Share the festival fun with your friends & increase the reach of the festival through your social network. Here’s how you can do it:

Milestone 35 - College Fests

Until now, several colleges have partnered with Cloop to increase their festival reach to a larger audience. Here’s a preview of some of the colleges associated with us.

A few testimonials from student coordinators on Cloop’s assistance as a digital platform:

Anokha 2017 - College Fests

Utsav 2017 - College Fests

Newspaper Fashion - College Fests

Digital promotion of college fests is very crucial apart from publishing banners or posting images on social media.

The reason is, college fests will be visited by hundreds of students from various cities and the virality you will get from students social profiles is just uncountable.

So, if the number of students posting and sharing cloop videos keeps increasing, the reach of the fest will keep building.

To conclude, Cloop can increase the visibility and reach of your college fest by just using your student network. Don’t spend a huge amount on marketing and advertising. 

Check our website – for more details. Reach us at “”. Get your fest on Cloop and watch your fest wave go viral.

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