How customers become ambassadors for their favorite eat out places? Cloop for restaurants & cafes.

People nowadays love documenting their lives on the internet. Well, at least a portion of it! Most people share pictures and videos of major life events like wedding, engagement, graduation, birthday, trips or vacations. Sharing everyday activities and moments through a series of photos on the internet has become the new must. And doing this has become even easier with the emergence of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Sharing food photos on Instagram is one trend that has recently gained momentum. Social media news feeds and stories are filled with food photos from different places and of different types. This may be because of the increasing trend of eating out as well as new themed restaurants or cafes opening up. The lavish atmosphere and cosy ambience, and the beautiful presentation of food platters make it all the more attractive and people end up capturing pictures of it. Most of the time they post food photos on social media and sometimes it’s just saved in the gallery and left there untouched. Sometimes people tag the restaurant but most often, they forget to tag the restaurants/cafes or to put the location which leaves the restaurants unrecognized and unknown.

Though Zomato is one place where customers put reviews of their experience at their fav restaurant or cafe. But then that is not shared to any other platforms. With Cloop all the food photos of customers clicked at your restaurant can be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. The higher the share on social media, the more the reach & popularity of your restaurant.


Let’s introduce you all to Cloop. It’s a video marketing tool, that solves this problem and helps you grow big in your industry. You spend minimum and yield maximum reach. Cloop is new video marketing contest platform that helps you convert your customers into ambassadors.

Cloop – Easy content collating platform

Well, imagine a platform where your customers can post food photos or videos of them enjoying at your restaurant or cafe. You can then use these posts to create multiple video collages. The moment your video collage is created, your customers get notified with the video link through SMS saying “Congratulations you have been featured in (XYZ restaurants) cloop. Share the link with friends and family”. Now your customers share this link on their Facebook, Twitter page or  WhatsApp contacts. Their network views the video on their social page, the reach of your restaurant video just keeps multiplying. An entire video story is created for your restaurant around the food, decor and ambience. This way your customers turn out to be ambassadors for your restaurant or café.

As a restaurant, you just need to place a tent card at your outlet with a link & offer an incentive to your customers. Customers start posting their experience on a branded link & share it on their social network. So just sit back & watch customers create viral content for you.

Various other Benefits of Cloop –

  • Video marketing redefined –  When brands opt for video marketing for its marketing campaign, they have to spend a huge amount of money on creating video content, paying to agencies and to pay the influencers/celebrities. The marketing team has to put in so much time and effort as well to make the campaign successful. With Cloop it’s different, user-generated content is created and your customers spread the word for you. Cloop has not only made video content creation easy but also helps in making the content go viral with its inbuilt virality feature.


  • With Cloop your customers create fun video collages – Cloop makes your customers your ambassadors. This is done by making use of photos and videos the customers post on cloop. A video collage is created by stitching those food photos and videos together. Yes, it’s that simple. Cloop has made video content creation easier than ever. And since your customers are promoting your brand, it’s more authentic and trustable for the potential target customers.


  • Customized stickers created for your brand – Another amazing feature of Cloop is it helps you create/customize cool stickers for your brand. Yes, now you can create attractive stickers for your own brand. And this can be leveraged for being remembered by customers and catching their attention.


  • Just on one click, post your brand video collage on various social pages – With Cloop you’re always just one step away from getting famous and going viral on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Cloop lets you share your video content on social media with just one click on the share button.


  • Spend 1/10th of your usual marketing spends & gain higher reach through Cloop – In a regular marketing campaign for a restaurant you need to spend a huge amount of money on

– Digital marketing

– Hire an agency to manage social pages

– Videographer, photographer & expensive editing tools

– Hire agency for video creation and shooting of ad campaigns

– Investing in the storage of data and information

– Spend money on hiring celebrities or influencers for endorsing your brand

           Cloop is an all in one platform for all of these. Now you don’t have to spend on each of these individually. Under one roof all of your marketing problems are solved. Hence, your marketing cost is cut down to a great extent. Just by spending 1/10th of money you get greater results.


  • Get analytics in one place- Cloop helps you keep all the data and information from your customers and users in one place and you always have easy access to the data. Information like – Which customer shared how many times, which social medium received the highest share, how many times the video is viewed are all in one place and more organized.


  • Drive more traffic to your website – Add a page link in Cloop (Call to Action) & drive traffic to a website or page where customers can engage with your brand.


  • Create repeat customers for your brand –

           When you create a contest on cloop, customers participate by posting pics and videos. The best post wins an incentive or a gift voucher. They come back to redeem their incentive and it’s a repeat customer for you. This also gets word of mouth publicity for the restaurant as the customer that won will be delighted to become an advocate for your brand.


Benefits of Cloop to the customers –

          Customers just need to click and post pictures which they anyway always do. Instead of posting pictures for nothing they can win gift vouchers and prizes for posting the best picture. The best post earns an incentive & get them famous too. This way the customer also gets benefited and become a loyal customer of your restaurant.

Let’s see some of the most popular cloops created by users clicks –

  1. Desserts Lover
  2. Weekend Binge

Let’s take a look at one of our happy clients:

          Xo Belgian Waffle has recently launched their new milkshake range. They choose Cloop as a marketing platform for their brand. For this ‘Xo Belgian waffle & shake love’ contest was created on Cloop, wherein, customers had to post pics and videos of their favourite Xo Belgian waffle or milkshake. And the best post would win a waffle treat worth Rs 400 from Xo Belgian Waffle. This way, Xo Belgian got a lot of popularity on social media channels because of the easy share and invite feature of Cloop. And this was achieved without spending much time and money. And the customers were very happy too since they got a chance to be featured on the brand page. Xo Belgian was really happy with the results and got a lot of crowds demanding for waffles at their store.


           Cloop is an all in one marketing tool, that helps you create a user-generated content, make it go viral on social media, keep the data/information in one place and help you build and maintain relations with your customers. So, why are you guys still wasting so much time and money on other marketing tools? Why not try Cloop and just sit back and watch your content go viral on social media and see your brand gaining popularity.

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