FIFA World Cup 2018 at Xtreme Sports Bar, Sarjapur : UGC through Cloop

Xtreme Sports Bar Sarjapur, one of the best sports bars in Bangalore, hosted a contest around the FIFA World Cup 2018. Cloop was honoured to be the digital marketing partner for the event.

The Approach:

The task here was to host a contest on Cloop for Xtreme Sports Bar Sarjapur. Customers posted pics on while enjoying the FIFA World Cup matches at the bar. Belgium vs England match on 14th July where Belgium finished off in the third place. The finals were France vs Croatia, while France won the cup but Croatia won many hearts around the world. The best post with maximum shares would win the contest. Three prizes were given out: 1st prize – a Beer pitcher, 2nd prize – 2 Beer mugs & 3rd prize – 1 Beer mug. For this, the agency, Xtreme Sports Bar and Cloop had a brainstorming session.

The consensus:

  • People in India are crazy about sports, especially cricket & football. They have always loved to watch the matches on big screens with their friends & family at lounges or sports bar. So FIFA World Cup being the most talked about event among youngsters helped the crazy football lovers to win prizes. Firstly they could watch football matches at Xtreme Sports Bar Sarjapur and alongside enjoy great food & drinks. They could also participate in a fun contest to win Beer pitcher & Beer mugs just by posting pics in the contest link. Now the brand also got user-generated content from their customers capturing their experience. They could post it on their social media pages to attract new customers.
  • Today getting perks from any brand or winning a contest is a craze among youngsters. So these crazy football fanatics became popular on Xtreme Sports Bar’s social media pages by simply participating in their contest. They participated in the contest, posted pics & invited their friends by sharing the link on their social media profiles. This was an advantage for the brand as well, as their customers played an important role in being the social media influencers for them. Their customers promoted the brand on social media by just sharing the contest link.

Customised stickers were created, users could use these stickers to decorate and jazz up their pictures and videos.


Cloop hosted  ‘Xtreme Sports Bar Bangalore’ contest. The contest started on July 13th and went on until July 15th, 2018. Customers had to post photos and videos of them enjoying with friends at the Bar while watching the FIFA World Cup. And the best post with maximum shares on social media would win the contest. 

Customers posted numerous pictures and a lot of fun content was generated for the brand. There were around 60 odd posts by customers who visited the bar and participated in the fun contest. The total number of members for the event was around 71.

Here’s the video collage created by some of the best customers clicks enjoying FIFA World cup match at Xtreme Bar –

Customers were more than happy to post their pictures in the contest since they were getting a chance to win a free beer pitcher or beer mugs from Xtreme Sports Bar. They found the contest idea very unique and exciting. The youngsters were enthusiastically participating & posting pics with various perspectives.

The best post with the maximum amount of share and invite for the event won the contest. People shared and invited a lot of their friends to win, and this leads to generating more traffic for the event. Through Cloop’s easy share and invite feature, it was easy for people to share their post and invite more friends to the contest.

Xtreme Sports  Bar managed to draw user-generated content, in the form of pictures and videos which they used on their social media pages to promote their brand. The customers also ended up becoming the promoter for the brand and got more attention and new customers in return.

The key results of this activity were –

  • Increase in Customer base:

              Through the share and invite feature of Cloop, the current customers invited their friends and family to the contest, which did not just increase the brand awareness but also ended up in attracting more customers.

  • Engagement numbers:

Xtreme Bar also managed to increase its engagement and presence on social media by pushing the contest on their social media pages. The social shares posted by the customers created brand awareness for them.

  • Influencers created:

              The contest made the customers, promoters for the brand. When the customers, invited and shared the event link, they acted as influencers and attracted more customers through social networking.

  • Sales generated:

             The main purpose of running the contest was to increase the sales and create brand awareness. And this was successfully achieved as the sales increased and client ended up with more customer base.


Winners of the contest :

Akshay who was the winner of the contest won a free Beer pitcher. Since invited his friends to the contest & also shared it on his social pages.


The contest was also pushed on social media pages of Cloop.

We used the existing user base and pushed the contest on social media especially targeting the Bangalore audience. The contest was pushed on –




This created a buzz on the social media, and more customers were attracted to the bar.

So hurry up! You can also create your brand marketing in an easy and simple way and earn great results. Just with the click of a link, get your customers to become your ambassadors and watch your user-generated content go viral on social media.




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