“SENSATIONS 2k17” : an exciting musical & fun filled event held in Bangalore

We are proud to have been a part of Garage 747 Sensations 2k17 event that was held in Bangalore in the month of July 2017. It’s our first outdoor event and we are honoured to announce the People’s Choice Award that was conducted through our platform for Garage 747 Sensations 2k17. It was a fun musical event and about 13 participants were selected from the audition for the People’s Choice category. Garage 747 Sensations 2k17 was held in a cafe named “What’s in a Name” and there were other fun events like stand up comedy also held. Many people came and enjoyed the afternoon thoroughly.


It all started with audition round where all the participants gave a short introduction about their name, and what they are going to perform in the competition. About 50 videos were captured of the participants’ bio. After the audition got over it was through the People’s Choice Award 13 people were selected and through external audience’s votes only 2 participants managed to grab the most attention. There was constant engagement with the participants starting from the audition to the voting of audience till the finale.

People’s Choice Award

Once the auditions were over, the 13 participants got selected for the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice Award was conducted on our platform and the participants who got maximum numbers of votes won the award. The most popular participants who got the majority of the votes are Aiman Momin and Rahul Sali. Aiman was the winner and Rahul won the runners-up award.


Aiman managed to get 230 votes until the finale. There was a close call and Rahul managed 130 votes. This Sensations event had a continuous engagement for 25 days and got constant publicity. A wide external audience showed their support for Aiman as well as Rahul and shared their views and uploaded photos and videos.  Aiman and Rahul became the face of this event. There were total members of 26 external audiences who posted about 36 photos and videos of the finale event that took place.

Here’s a look at how Aiman and Rahul grabbed the most attention and support of people who cheered for them and enjoyed the event:




We also managed to get on board team Smoodies as our gifting partner and Red Bull as beverage partner for the event.

Here are the glimpses of the finale events:

Grand Finale


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We are privileged to have worked with Sensations and looking forward to being a part of more fun-filled events in near future.                   


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