PadMan – Awareness about menstruation hygiene

Menstruation is one thing a woman has to deal with every month and it is an age-old taboo in India. Men are ignorant and women are uncomfortable to talk about it openly. It is not mentioned in public and even privately, it is a signal or a gesture. Menstruation is a normal biological process and the key sign of reproductive health, yet in many cultures, it is treated as something negative, shameful and dirty.

“Padman” is a movie based on a true story of a man from India. The story of a man named Lakshmi who is a newly married welder who causes a stir in his East Indian village. It all started when he tries to revolutionize the manufacturing of sanitary napkins for women.

The “PadMan Challenge” was mainly created to spread awareness about menstruation and to break the taboo. Also to make men and women aware of the usage of sanitary napkin who are ignorant of the fact.

In the “PadMan Challenge”, the event all you had to do was send a picture/video posing with a sanitary napkin. We have received numerous entries of people posing with a sanitary napkin showing support towards the cause. Entries poured in from various parts of India.

Here’s the final Cloop with all the entries of various users.


Here are some statistics of the contest which was held.

Padman Challenge - menstruation awareness

The contest winner was Payal Bhartia who gave a useful message to the society about menstruation and it’s hygiene factor.

People have boldly supported the cause. The best part was few men too came forward to support.

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Behind the scenes for deciding the winner:

Our Panel of judges, which includes members of Cloop team chose the contest winner based on the innovative entry and number of shares done.

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