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Cloop is a user-generated video marketing platform that enables like-minded people to come together and share their experiences. It is a community for people who are creative, colorful, love to socialize and voice their opinion. If you love to create, socialize and grow together with people who are just like you, then you have come to the right place. Cloop is the perfect platform for you! Various brands can also come on board for branding and marketing. They can run fun and exciting contests on Cloop and easily generate user-generated content.

It allows you to share your experience through photos and videos and also lets you win exciting prizes by participating in simple contests. Doesn’t that sounds great! It is the perfect place to win big prizes by participating in fun and easy contests. You can post pictures or videos in categories like Fashion, Travel, Food, Masti and Activism for your favorite brand. Cloop gives you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creativity and win exciting gift prizes and also a chance to get featured and popular.

In short, Cloop is a platform wherein you can come together with like-minded people, share your creativity and skills, socialize, win exciting prizes and create memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Why Cloop is the best platform?

Let’s have a look at various features of Cloop that makes it the best platform to win prizes:-

Benefits for the users :

  • User-friendly:

      Cloop is simple and easy to use mobile web platform. Unlike other video marketing platforms, participation in cloop contests is very simple and easy. You can participate in any contest of your choice without putting in many efforts. It is engaged with various brands in Bangalore related to categories like Food, Fashion, Travel, Masti and Activism. Some of the brands have executed fun contests on the platform. Brands like Xtreme Sports Bar, Xo Belgian Waffle, Shake It Off, Lakeview Milkbar, etc. Look out for many more brand contests and stand a chance to win amazing prizes for renowned brands. All you have to do is click the contest link, read the contest details and post photos/videos. Invite your friends to participate by sharing the link within your social circle. The more you share & invite friends, your chances of winning increases. Isn’t that simple?

  • Amazing features:

         Besides being easy to use, Cloop comes with many amazing features as well, such as the voting feature. The new voting feature lets you vote for any of your favorite posts and helps in selecting the winner. This way you can also help your friends win the contest. The share and invite feature make it engaging for users. They can invite their friends and share the post with them through any social media channel and get their votes to increase their chances of winning. Also by inviting more friends, you can increase your chances of winning. Cloop also allows you to add captions to your pictures and videos. You can add lovely captions to your pictures and describe them in simple words. This makes your pictures more expressive.

            You can also jazz up your pictures and decorate by using cool stickers. This makes your pictures more fun and cool.

  • Get famous:  

            Cloop features the best posts from each contest on the brand’s contest page. This gives the users a chance to gain popularity and become popular for the brand.

         It’s a wonderful opportunity to get featured and become famous instantly, without putting in much effort and time. It also helps you increase your follower base on social media.

  • Trending contest topics:

            Unlike the other contest platforms, Cloop is associated with many popular brands across categories like Food, Travel, and Fashion. It partners with popular brands & hosts contests for these brands. Users post content for their favorite brand and this helps brands gather a large amount of user-generated content.

  • Mobile clicked pictures and videos:

            Most of the photo contest platforms out there, require you to upload high-quality HD images, for which you require expensive pieces of equipment and cameras which most of us cannot afford. These platforms won’t even accept the pictures clicked by mobile devices. This problem is solved now solved by Cloop. You can upload pictures from your phone gallery or click a live picture and upload. There is no compulsion of uploading camera pictures or HD quality pictures. So just click and upload the picture from your phone gallery and win without spending money on expensive equipment.

          Still not convinced? Here are some other benefits of Cloop which makes it the best photo contest for professionals –

Benefits for businesses and brands:

       Cloop enables brands and businesses to grow. Brands can use it as a platform to conduct contests and get user-generated content for building trust and relationship with their customers. Users turn as ambassadors for the brand. This makes their content more authentic and believable. The inbuilt virality feature of Cloop helps you to promote your brand and create more brand awareness digitally. Therefore, you get to create your marketing content, user ambassadors, and brand awareness under just one roof without even spending a lot of money. Isn’t that the answer for all your marketing needs?

 Benefits for influencers:

          Influencers can also be benefited. The budding and new influencers can grow very quickly on cloop by getting featured. This will help them increase their follower base on social media. Apart from this, influencers can also use cloop for floating contests & giveaways and increasing their engagement and online presence.

Benefits for bloggers:

         Video content has taken over written content long back after all videos are more engaging and interesting over words or texts. The bloggers who want to turn into vloggers and achieve new milestones in their career might find it very difficult to shift to vlogging since video making requires a lot of expensive equipment and gadgets which are complex to use. This is now undone by Cloop. It helps you to create video content very easily by just making collages and stitching pictures together. Therefore, bloggers can easily turn into vloggers by creating short video content with Cloop.

So guys, just #Cloopit and get amazing benefits for yourself. Make use of those gallery images and win amazing prizes. Without spending much money, putting in much time and efforts win amazing prizes and gift vouchers from Cloop.

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