A Traveler’s note: Share Travelogue Digitally

As a passionate traveler, you are always on the go. You visit so many different places around the globe and share your experiences via travel blogs. Clicking pictures and recording videos are the best ways to preserve your travel diaries and also share them with friends, families, and followers.

But the problem that you always face is to edit and upload the captured moments separately across various social media platforms. It takes so much time, energy and effort. Sometimes you wish if there’s only one platform through which you could easily capture videos or photos and upload them to one go. So I came across this app: Cloop and I found it so convenient to share my entire travel journey. As I have started using Cloop, things are much easier. It helps you to upload pictures and videos pro quality directly hence saving all your time and effort of transferring content from your camera. You can make your photos come alive as Cloop turns them into a wonderful travel movie for others to get inspired.

Are you a traveler or a travel blogger and you desire to share your travel experiences? Then you must use  Cloop, an awesome platform to create your trip films.

An Interesting travel tool

Cloop is a mobile application that creates posting photos and videos more fun.A traveler will definitely love this tool to share their splendid photos and videos easily with their friends and followers. Their passion and love towards travel will be enhanced as they can easily show their journey through Cloop.

In today’s world, travel blogging is a popular platform to share beautiful travel stories as well as experiences with people. Most people love to read travel blogs to know about awesome places present on earth. A travel blogger can utilize this app to make their travel experience more interesting and enriching.

An amazing mobile application for travel bloggers

Share your traveling experience in a unique and special manner now. Firstly, you have to create & name your event. Upload a cover photo of the trip. Invite your friends or co-travelers to post photos/videos. You can invite your friends directly from your phonebook or you may simply copy the link and send an invitation to people through WhatsApp. You can also share the link on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter. Each member can post numerous pics and videos of the trip. Add captions to your vivid shots. A day wise travel diary can be put together in this video collage app. Once the trip is complete just Cloop your event. You can reorder or deselect the photos or videos which would be a part of the final video. Add a background music of your choice. Hit the Cloop it button, wait a few seconds & you’re done. A brilliant collage of the travel moments is put together. This is the most attractive and appealing way for people to view your travel pictures and videos.

Easy for a travel blogger to use and show marvelous travel moments

Cloop is a simple and easy tool that gives the travel blogger the opportunity to showcase their awesome collection of pictures and videos. All you need to do is after uploading all the photos/videos, select the ones which you want to show in the movie, then add suitable background track and Cloop the event. You can make multiple Cloop videos. Finally you can share the travel Cloops via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, as a traveler, I would recommend you to try this app and share your travel diary with friends and family
through Cloop to produce the most spectacular travel movies.

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